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1 - Astonishment

Creating pleasant surprises and thrilling emotions are our primary objectives. In collaboration with our local travel agents, we search for that unique experience which will turn your mystery trip into a truly memorable one, rich in surprises. For this reason, part of your budget will be specifically dedicated to finding this added value.

If you prefer, we can get your destination and itinerary approved by one of your friends or family.

2 - Appropriateness

We support the tourism economy of any given country by giving preference to activity and accomodation providers, which as well as being charming and different, are locally run. We try to avoid the larger hotel chains.

By offering a fair price, we can pay each Mystery Cape hotel provider what they deserve, through our local agents.

3 - Quality

Careful selection of accomodation and activities based on your requirements, and making assessments on each establishment's reputation, for a pleasant surprise.

We test and evaluate the services we propose in collaboration with our partners (accomodation / activities / restaurants...).

4 - Language

Unless you advise otherwise, we will only propose visits in English with the aim of guaranteeing a complete experience, and ensuring that the mystery is not down to a language barrier.

5 - Fast response

We will send an initial confirmation email immediately after receiving your request for a surprise.

We will then send a full proposal within a maxiumum of 7 working days.

6 - Professionalism

Being a member of a national organisation like APST (with its registered office in 15 Avenue Carnot 75017 Paris), we offer the benefit of a financial guarantee of up to 200,000 € (customer payments are guaranteed at 100%).

We are entered into the registry of travel agencies under the body ATOUT FRANCE, with reference IM018140002: this is obligatory to operate in this profession.

We are a true travel agency, and not just a simple platform offering services of other agencies.

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