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Because a mystery voyage raises a lot of questions...

How can I be sure that I'll like the destination chosen for me?
The questionnaire will ask about your likes, your travel habits, how much you want to get away from your day-to-day surroundings, desired comfort level, your favorite activities ... We also ask for your best and worst travel memories. And finally, if you prefer, you can give us the contact of a relative or friend so that we can share information on the destination with them, and have them approve it. In this way, there's very little chance of you being disappointed, on the contrary!  There's also always the option of choosing the destination yourself if you already have a destination in mind for the journey of your dreams!
How do you create the mystery trips?
We work in partnership with local experts in more than sixty destinations. Together have come up with the best activities and accommodations in this places. At the end of the questionnaire, we determine the destination that best suits you and then we go about developing a surprise trip suited just to you with our agents.
How am I supposed to pack my bags if I don't know where I'm going?
Don't worry, you will receive (either by mail or via our web app) the following, depending on selected options:
- 3 weeks before departure : 
- clue number 1 : with the travel time to your destination, meeting time for the airport and takeoff, and any reminders if vaccines are required.
- second clue : information on the weather at your destination and anything you have to take with you (first aid kit, anything needed for your activities, adaptors...), and the weight allowance for hand luggage.
When will I discover where my destination is?
You will discover where your destination is on the very last day, either:
- By a final package received by post around 10-15 days before departure. It will contain two envelopes: one to open straight away, and the other to open the day before your departure. You get to decide!
- By the web application at 00h01 on the departure day. A new notification will appear within the app and you will be able to see the destination and any other information which may be useful to know before leaving. If you would prefer the destination reveal to be earlier, don't hesitate to let us know and we can change the schedule.
How do I decide on a budget?
From the very start of the questionnaire, you can choose your budget range (from 250 to 500 euros). Depending on your budget, the number of days for the trip and the number of activities arranged will vary. You will then receive:
- Straight away: a confirmation email
- FOR SOME REQUESTS: an email asking for further details
- After a maximum of 7 days: an exact quote detailing all of the services to be included in the program (accomodation, meals, transport, activities)... In this way, you'll get a better idea of how much to budget for once at your destination.
How can I pay?
You can choose between paying:
- In one installment, paying the total amount on reservation (obligatory for departures within 30 days and for amounts of less than 1000 euros)
- In two installments, paying 40% of the total amount on reservation, and the remaining balance (60%) at the lastest 30 days before departure.
Payments may be made by card or bank transfer over a secure platform hosted by the Crédit Agricole. We also accept 'chèques vacances ANCV' (ANCV French holiday cheques). IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do not save any bank details on our servers.
How can I find out about any vaccines or medication I might need?
In your quote we will give you information about any medical requirements to be taken before arriving at your future destination. This includes obligatory vaccinations, any recommended vaccinations and any other recommended treatments. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask your treating doctor to contact us. Mystery Cape can reveal the destination to the doctor, allowing him/her to better evaluate any treatment requirements.
Can I travel with children?
Of course! All the details are made-to-measure, and your children are more than welcome! At the start of the questionnaire, we'll ask how many people are travelling, and whether you're travelling as a family. This gives us information about all of the travellers for the trip. The activities for the trip will then be adapted to suit the ages of any children involved so that everyone can enjoy themselves.
What if I have a problem when I'm travelling?
So that you can travel with complete peace of mind, you will have the telephone number of the travel agent based in the destination country, a number for the hotel, and numbers for activity providers... you can also contact us on 09 67 27 98 37 or by email: Stress-free travel!
Before selecting your destination, we carry out certain checks, looking up information from the French government website dedicated to diplomacy and travellers, in order to have any information on last minute changes of the situation in any country. Any countries considered at risk are, of course, removed from our offering.
What if the destination is too far away for me?
For trips around France, you will be asked to take your own car. Mystery Cape also lets you choose the maximum travel time of 3 different options. For trips abroad, you can give us a maximum number of flight hours to stick to in the questionnaire.
How does the gift card work?
With the gift card option, you can give a surprise to a friend or family member. There are three different types of card:
- A made-to-measure gift card with a budget amount as selected by you (minimum amount 80 euros / person)
- The "nature" gift card for two. (2 nights in charming accomodation; breakfasts included; dinner with local produce; a personalised surprise; information and advice from us for visits)
- The "relax" gift card for two nights in charming SPA accomodation, including breakfasts, access to wellness and spa areas, a personalised surprise, and information and adivce from us for visits. How it works: 
1- Choose which type of gift card you would like.
2- Pay for the total amount of the mystery travel gift card.
3- The mystery travel gift card will be sent out to an address you specify to us.
4- The recipient enters their code on our website.
5- We create the trip.
How are you involved in the Pur Projet?
Working with Pur Projet, we have committed to planting 50 trees for the Alto Huayabamba project in Peru. When reserving travel with us, we would like to invite you too, to participate in supporting the development of this project through planting trees (4e/tree).
Can I take out insurance for my mystery travel experience?
All trips offered by Mystery Cape can be reserved along with our 'spécial voyage' travel insurance (CANCELATION and REPARTRIATION insurance). We work in partnership with the travel insurer, April. Go away with complete peace of mind, and with protection in case of any problems whilst you're away on your trip.
What if I don't work out the solution to the clues you send, or to the 'challenges' when I'm away?
Both the pre-travel clues and the challenges we set whilst you're away are purely for entertainment purposes. Whatever happens, you will have all the important information you need both for your trip and concerning any services you have contracted.
How can I 'recommend a friend' and take advantage of any rewards?
In order to 'recommend a friend', you should have already been on a Mystery Cape experience. The person you are recommending needs to enter your email address at the end of the questionnaire. We will then register your recommendation in our system once their reservation has been validated. Once you have accrued a total of 2 trips' equivalent of recommendations to a friend, you will receive a 'surprise box', which will be sent out to the address specified in the personal area of your Mystery Cape account. As a lot of customers that have travelled with us go on to actively talk about their trip, and given that word-of-mouth recommendations really work well, we wanted to thank those customers who help us to achieve a larger customer base.
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