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Average grade: 5/5 for 10 votes

 Magic ! Nothing to add about organization of this travel which was perfect. Thanks to all of the team for your avaibility. THANKS !

City break
We really enjoy the Mystery Cape Experience and recommand it a lot to all travellers.

France's trip
Perfect organization. Week-end full of surprises. We really enjoy it.

Gift card
I've no word... just PERFECT !

City break
We wanted a sporty and discovery weekend between friends located at less than 3 hours from our place and we have been delighted with Mystery Cape’s proposition ! There were no mistakes on the organisation, the programme met our expectations and the accomodation was the best ! The day by day programme kept us in suspens and was the object of a lot of group speculations :) We will try again this experience either alone, as a couple or as a group of friends without hesitation. We recommend !!!

 Full marks from me for Mystery Cape !! Everything was great, brilliant organisation, hotels were well located; for me as a solo traveller, it was really amazing. I really found the right people to make my dreams come true!!!

Honey moon
"THANK YOU so so much for this trip!!! We set out on this adventure for our honeymoon hoping to free ourselves of having to organise such a complicated trip, but also with the idea in mind that we would discover a country which we would never have even considered. And in short, it was a great success!  To start with, the agency was always available, particularly by email, responding very quickly to all of our questions. Next, the small clues start arriving, which get your friends and family guessing and racking their brains over your mystery destination. Finally the day arrives when you are relieved to discover that even the sharpest of your friends and family were wrong, and that you're in for a complete surprise. Next, the trip itself was extraordinary and completely met all of our expectations. Having  a representative at the destination who you meet at the start of the stay is very reassuring. Generally our outings and activities were organised, saving us precious time. All of the activities we wanted to do were perfectly integrated into the itinerary along with "surprise" activities. Finally, we heading back home with some amazing memories, with a true sense of having experienced an adventure..."

As a group
 "Excellent. Everything was perfect: the cottage, the activities and the restaurant. Young and old alike could enjoy every second of this weekend."

City break
Hello to future and experienced travellers ! We had the pleasure to discover the city of Dublin for 4 days. Our hotel was located on a main street so we could do everything by feet ! The organisation was the best : plane, excursions and walks were planned. A month before our departure, the surprise of discovering the clue made us even more eager to leave ! Mystery Cape gives all the necessary informations to organise your days on site : inescapable visits, some history explanations and restaurants. This travelling concept is really original and it is easy to go along with it. Furthermore, in case of need, the team is really reactive. IN SHORT, we don’t have negative points and we want to do this again as quickly as possible !

I'd like
Great trip, everything was perfectly organised. We really liked the activities and we surely wouldn’t have done the same thing if we organised it ourselves. The services and accomodation’s high quality met our expectations. Also, everything was planned for out 22 months old daughter. We strongly recommend Mystery Cape. When will be our next Mystery Cape holidays ?

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