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Have no exact destination in mind? We can find the destination for you.

Looking for a unique trip? You've come to the right place.

Try going away on a surprise travel experience!


Mystery Cape creates tailor-made mystery travel experiences: your destination will be selected based on your responses to a questionnaire and depending on your budget, and will be kept secret until just before you leave!

What a dilemma: trying to choose a destination for your next trip...

Between recommendations from friends, suggestions from travel agents, proposals from online comparison sites or forums, you really don't know which destination to settle on...

So, just close your eyes and go with the flow, guided only by the words "discovery" and "unknown", Mystery Cape will choose the perfect destination for you!

In just a few clicks, your made-to-measure trip with Mystery Cape will be born...

To avoid nasty surprises, fill out the Mystery Cape questionnaire with information on your travelling habits and interests, your travel dates and your budget. Some people fill out the entire questionnaire, whereas those with a more adventurous streak can fill out just the most essential details to keep that element of surprise.


With Mystery Cape, you're guaranteed to go away to an unknown destination, selected just for you in line with your expectations.

You want surprises and excitement...
If that's what you like, then all the better! Set out into the unknown having received just some hints and advice for packing your suitcase, as well as the all important departure information.

Mystery Cape will transform your trip into an unforgettable experience, whether it be in France or on the other side of the planet, by the sea or in the mountains, in the sun or surrounded by snow...

All you have to do is select one of our offers, fill out the detailed questionnaire, and Mystery Cape will take care of the rest...

Get your friends or family to approve your mystery trip

To ensure a pleasant surprise whilst keeping you in the dark on the details of your trip, give us the contact information of a friend or family member. The entire itinerary will be revealed to them and they will be able to approve your mystery trip whilst maintaining complete secrecy. 

An ideal option for a mystery honey-moon or even a made-to-measure trip, guaranteeing the element of surpise and suspense. With this option, you can go away confident of a great trip ahead.

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