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If you are part of a group of people looking to contribute to payment for this trip, we can make your life easier with our online piggy bank/communal pot.

Whether travelling as a family, or with friends, choose the easiest solution* for payment of your trip: the online money pot, thanks to our partner: Le Pot Commun.

No more prepayments, late reimbursements, having to ask for money or nag your friends... from now on, you can centralise all of your trip-related payments.


It's really easy:
  1. Go to the Pot Commun website
  2. Create a new pot
  3. Add money to the pot
  4. Invite your friends to do the same
  5. Finalise your pot when the desire amount has been collected. Either you can withdraw the total amount yourself, or we can take care of the withdrawal for you.

Go to the Pot Commun website

*  The commission amount automatically charged by Le Pot Commun amounts to 1.5% (for all amounts greater than 200€). Mystery Cape does not charge any commission for offering this service.

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